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Are you feeling scattered and unfocused with too much on your plate?

Is your to-do list growing even though your working longer hours every week?

Are you struggling to find a comfortable work-life balance?

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Are you business owner, entrepreneur or corporate executive feeling overloaded, overwhelmed & wearing too many hats?

Do you have a burning desire to tip the scales of work-life balance and start enjoying more free time to spend with your family and children?


If this sounds like you then read on...

Accelerate Your Work Performance, Personal Development And Business Growth

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Dr. Emily | Your High Performance Coach

Why You Should Listen To

Dr. Emily Letran

Dr. Emily is a highly successful entrepreneur with more than 20+ years running (2) multi-specialty dental practices in Southern California

Dr. Emily is no stranger to overcoming challenges & went from refugee to magna cum laude, Masters of Science, UCLA graduate.

Emily is a Certified High Performance Coach, author of 5 books, founder and director of her non-profit, serial entrepreneur and daily mentor to young professionals.

Dr. Emily's background coming to the US as a refugee, struggling though difficulties & overcoming has helped her develop a special approach for challenges, whether personal or professional.

What Makes Emily the Go-To High Performance Coach

For more than 20 years, I've transformed people’s lives daily by creating beautiful smiles so they can share unforgettable memories with their loved ones.


Now I also transform the lives of busy professionals by helping them buy back their time to spend with their families, children, friends & have the energy and creativity to pursue their passions.


The framework we work through will be customized to your needs & desires; the goals we set will be yours, with my insights and the encouragement to THINK BIG.

Why You Need A Coach Like

Dr. Emily Letran

I'll help you identify bottlenecks in your business, delegate, outsource and automate processes so you can work less and earn more.

We'll work together to identify and conquer limiting beliefs so you can break through goals and consistently exceed your expectations.

You will discover how to leverage your strengths while delegating undesirable, low-profit generating activities to others.

I'll help you develop a turnkey marketing system and sales pipeline that will attract high paying, headache free clients on autopilot


What People Are Saying

Emily Letran is indeed one of the progressive thought leaders of our time. She’s a driven entrepreneur, and a successful business coach.

Dr. Emily Letran is dedicated to help coach others in their quest for personal growth

and professional development.

I’m continually impressed with Dr. Emily’s passion to continually learn & apply breakthrough marketing, coaching, personal development & strategic thinking to her various businesses.

She has a thirst for knowledge, and an internal drive that is rare to find in a coach.

Nothing surprises me about what Emily can do. She is truly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!


Dr. David Moffet BDS FPFA


She is committed to helping others with integrity and dedication to excellence.


She is known for building a positive culture in her different multi-specialty dental practices. She is a wonderful mentor to her peers and clients. She is fabulous.


Christine Schlenker, CEO

Nomi Waters

We were invited to speak at one of her patient appreciation events (she rented a movie theatre just for her patients) and we were truly impressed how much her patients love and respect her.


A successful businesswoman, Dr. Letran is also a philanthropist and a great & proud mother of 3 wonderful children.


Jonathan M.

UCan College Prep

How I Can Help You

Readjust your focus so you're not spending too much time on non-billable, low-profit generating activities

Helping you get unstuck from old patterns and habits that are restricting your growth

Developing automation systems that free up your time to focus exclusively on high profit generating activities.

Marketing Strategy

Personal Growth

What I Can Help You With

High Performance Training


Business Automation

Maximizing Productivity

Work Performance



The High Performance


My mentoring process involves accountability, emotional support, motivation to the next level, and achievement of a high performance leader.


We'll work from a proven framework & series of sessions with distinct steps to evaluate performance and specific action plans to implement and achieve breakthroughs. Your transformation will be evident, with measurable results and heavy ROI.

Those Needing Work-Life Balance

Who This Coaching Program is for

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

People Ready to Maximize Performance

Busy Executives

About Dr. Emily Letran

Dr. Emily Letran is a general dentist who owns two multi-specialty group practices in Southern California. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from UC Riverside (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa). She is a graduate of UCLA School of Dentistry (Dean’s Apollonian Scholarship) and received her Master of Science in Oral Biology from UCLA at the same time.


As a mother of three, Dr. Letran creatively balances work, family life, after-school life and her personal life as a growing entrepreneur. She continuously takes courses in clinical dentistry, practice management and marketing, attending multiple business forums every year, striving to improve her skills to better serve patients.


Her favorite activities include reading, writing, and “hanging out” with her three children - whether playing tennis, watching Netflix or window-shopping at the mall.


Dr. Letran is an author of several books:

“From Refugee to Renaissance Woman,” On the Inside Press

“From Zero to Hero in Ninety Days,” On the Inside Press

“Out Front – Business Building Strategies from Frontline Entrepreneur,” Celebrity Press

“The Ultimate Guide to Having A Beautiful Smile That Transforms Your Life,” Perfect Publishing

"Commit: Embracing the Big Life, Celebrating the Entrepreneur's Family, Business, Passion, and Fun" Perfect Publishing

High Performance Coaching Guaranteed

Accelerate Your Work Performance, Personal Development And Business Growth

Dr. Emily Letran

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